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First Missionary Baptist Church Hayneville First Missionary Baptist Church Hayneville

FMBC Contributions: Opting Out FMBC Contributions: Opting Out

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Opting Out


No matter what the enemy throws at you, remember you are a foreigner here and your citizenship is in heaven. Whenever an American traveling abroad gets into trouble, he has a right to the services of the American Embassy and the right to invoke his citizenship. With that come courtesies that the foreign government must adhere to. Since we're citizens of heaven, we have the right to take refuge in the embassy of heaven, the church, and say, LORD HAVE MERCY. That's why I can declare today that I'm not going to participate in this world's recession. I declare to you that I am opting out. Because of the revelation of God's Word to us, we are placed in a position to be immune to economic conditions. All we have to do is "trust in God," "believe in God," "have faith" in God.