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First Missionary Baptist Church Hayneville First Missionary Baptist Church Hayneville

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Darlene Pettis · 10 years, 5 months ago

Greetings my brothers and sisters in Christ!

I am so very excited about what God is doing for First and PeP Ministry. We have so much in plan for 2011. The year of RELEASE!

The PeP Ministry is charged to be cheerleaders for First Missionary and GOD! Be on the lookout for the many events that we will be having at First and those that PeP will be doing. Just to give you an idea, we will be having Cafe First. At Cafe First, we will be inviting the community to come and have coffee and doughnuts with the members of First and the leaders and shakers of LowndesCounty.

God has opened the doors to heaven and we wish to invite all of you to come and make yourselves at home in His presence. What a great God we have, and its our desire to share and Him with all that desire Him!

So be on the look out for many exciting, uplifting, and inspiring events to come from First Missionary Baptist Church!

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